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Mike Challis has produced a little booklet

'Born in a Barn'  the Bowman 26 story.

This booklet gives a detailed and amusing account of the moulding of the first Bowman hulls and the difficulties overcome in production including many personal reminiscences. Consisting of 22 pages in A5 format and with 16 photographs 6 of which are in colour,

this booklet is a must for any Bowman 26 owners curious about the origins of their boat.

Mike has sent me a small quantity of these booklets to distribute on a first come first served basis in exchange for a small donation to the RNLI

Bowman Owners e-mail me


John Lawes 2011      (6 booklets remaining) jan 2018


Mike and Jill Challis narrow boating on the Thames at Sunbury Summer 2011

monochoram mould

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